Roof Top Cargo & Storage

You are planning an active vacation, a trip to the sea and a question arises regarding renting a car in Poltava or renting a car in Kremenchuk, and you need to take the necessary things with you, as well as your equipment for recreation, and fit it into the car. Believe me, there is a solution to this situation, this is an additional rack that is mounted on the roof of the car (Aeroboxes). The RentExpress company, which is engaged in car rental in the Poltava region, offers for rent modern TERRA DRIVE airboxes with a volume of 480 liters, or 440 liters, in which you can place as much as possible oversized items (snowboard, tent, etc.), as well as backpacks, bags, sleeping bags and other things that do not fit in the main luggage compartment of the car.

Volume – 480 liters, external dimensions: 196x78x43, color black, cover opening: right / left side, internal belts for luggage fastening, maximum load 70 kg. Cost rent – 4$/per day, max cost rent – 100$ for all period.

The technical parameters of the box allow you to place it not only on the smooth roof of the car with additional crossbars, but also on the original railings of the car.