Do rental cars have all season tires?

In Ukraine, as in the rest of the world, there are seasonal rules for winter tires, which introduces winter tires for all vehicles from November 15 to March 15. The rental company strictly adheres to these rules and makes sure that winter tires are on the wheels of cars in the company’s fleet, said a transport service employee.

Before renting a car in Kremenchuk, or renting a car without a driver in Poltava, many clients ask the employees of the rental company “RentExpress” and what tires are on the car at the moment, and whether they correspond to the season of use? Let’s try to understand this issue and try to understand why it is necessary to use seasonal tires on a car while driving.

Definitely, changing the wheels of a car for the season is not a cheap pleasure and some car owners are trying to save money by installing winter tires on only one axle, not realizing that they are putting themselves and other road users at risk.
If you use a car in winter in the Northern regions, where there is a lot of snow and the ambient temperature does not fluctuate so much during this period, then the use of inexpensive all-season tires is quite suitable. This is quite enough for effective handling on the road, where the grip of rubber with loose snow or ice crust of the road surface is optimal..

The RentExpress company, which provides car rental services in Poltava, as well as car rental in Kremenchuk, uses seasonally appropriate tires on its cars, both for winter and summer, on cars that it leases to its customers.