Additional service of the “RentExpress”when renting a car.

Our company offers not only car rental in Poltava and Kremenchug, but also a transfer service for guests and residents of these cities in the Poltava region. Your arrival, arrival, or meeting guests at the airport, railway station, bus station, corporate events, we will organize an optimal transfer and comfortable car rental service for you, as well as meet at the specified place in Ukraine.

The company’s car fleet has a sufficient number and variety of modern car models, which will be very comfortable for passengers, as well as for a driver who ordered a car of his choice.
To do this, you need to decide on the choice of the car model you like and the number of desired rental days and call us at the indicated phone numbers, and we will do the rest ourselves (draw up a contract, prepare and deliver the car) to the place you specified.

If you need to deliver or return a rented car at the airports “Boryspil” or “Zhulyany”, indicate this option in advance, our staff will take this into account and will meet you at the airport upon arrival or take the car and wish you a pleasant trip.

By renting a car, you get a number of advantages:

  1. remain independent of the movement of the rental car
  2. full round-the-clock mobility, which allows you to plan your working day
  3. freed from the painful waiting for public transport or taxis
  4. information support during car rental.


If you are new to car rental, or you do not know how to take a car to rent a car in Kremenchug or Poltava, and also want to learn more about this service, you can visit our office, where the company’s employees will familiarize you with the “Booking Rules” or call us at the indicated number +380 999 114 164 and all your questions will be answered.

The advantage of our company in the field of car rental is associated with extensive experience in the Poltava region, as well as with the reliability of our cars.
Only in our park all cars are new, bought in car dealerships. All cars are not older than 5 years and are serviced exclusively by branded service centers.
Car rental service in Poltava is quite simple, where you can be sure that a new, technically reliable car will come to you.
RentExpress has extensive experience in providing car rental, transfer services in the Poltava region and in general throughout Ukraine.