Winter car rental.

To rent a car for rent in Poltava in winter, when the weather conditions are changeable almost every day, we would like to remind our clients that “winter” car rental has its own characteristics, which will be discussed in our material.

Winter is, of course, snow, severe frosts, sharp short-term thaws, after which the road most often turns into a skating rink. And these main factors should be especially paid attention to when renting a car in Poltava or car rental in Kremenchuk, from the end of November to the end of March. Everyone who plans to rent a car in Poltava, car rental in Kremenchug wants to be sure that the car will function properly. A company that provides such services should maximally and carefully approach the preparation of its vehicle fleet in the autumn-winter period.
Each car that is offered on the company’s website will be changed to winter tires, which ensures normal vehicle stability on the road and reduces the risk of road accidents. Also, our cars are equipped with special winter options (anti-freeze liquid for glass, towing rope, snow chains), this increases the safety and comfort of the client on the road.
Car rental employees should warn their customers about the peculiarities of driving in winter: keep a distance, do not approach large vehicles on a slippery road, make sure that the wipers do not freeze to the glass and so on. It is especially important to explain the peculiarities of operation if a client orders a car for a long-term lease (for example, for several weeks or a month).
Only a car well prepared for cold weather will work flawlessly. Thus, “winter” car rental in Poltava or car rental in Kremenchug depends on both clients and service providers. The former must behave carefully on the road, the latter should carefully monitor their vehicle fleet.